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Basic Search

By searching for a word or phrase, all content across all sections of MiningWeekly.com Research that contains the search phrase will be displayed.
  1. Enter the search phrase into the search field
  2. Click on the search button or click enter
  3. The user will receive a page outlining his/her results
  4. To search for an exact phrase, enter a search phrase in inverted commas e.g. “mining in Namibia”
  5. Add ‘+’ in front of a word which must be found
  6. Add ‘-‘ in front of a word which must not be found
  7. To search for a word with a hypen the term must appear in inverted commas e.g "re-engineering"


How to clear your search

A search term will be cleared as soon as the user clicks the ‘x’ in the main search field.


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