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Eskom rejects call for inflation-capped hike, as Nersa gears up for Dec 7 decision Eskom rejects call for inflation-capped hike, as Nersa gears up for Dec 7 decision
Published: 20 Nov 17
State-owned power utility Eskom has rejected calls for its 2018/19 tariff to be capped at the level of inflation, arguing that such a move would be financially unsustainable as it would result in a revenue reduction, which would further squeeze its liquidity and could place the country’s credit rating at further risk. Several business organisations, individual companies and civil society groups called on the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) to restrict the hike to consumer price inflation, or lower, arguing that Eskom should improve its sustainability by embarking an aggressive cost cutting and by addressing serious allegations of corruption and wasteful expenditure.
Shanta reaches cost-reduction goal
Published: 20 Nov 17
In keeping with its previously announced strategy of optimising the financial performance of its operations, Aim-listed Shanta Gold has reduced annualised costs by $5.1-million, the company said in a statement on Monday. The company noted that the full benefit of this reduction would be achieved by the end of the first quarter of 2018. “The cost reductions are mostly comprised of renegotiated contracts with suppliers, lower headcount and eliminating non-essential spending,” said CEO Eric Zurrin.
Exxaro eases BEE scheme replacement concerns
Published: 20 Nov 17
Diversified miner Exxaro Resources on Monday moved to ease shareholder concerns over its new replacement black economic empowerment (BEE) scheme that will ultimately hold a 30% stake in the JSE-listed firm. Shareholders had queried the ultimate controller of K2016475450 (BEE SPV), the special purpose vehicle that would hold a 52.2% stake in K2016473215, or NewBEECo, which in turn will hold the 30% stake in Exxaro.
Glencore CFO to assist Katanga in strengthening its corporate governance Glencore CFO to assist Katanga in strengthening its corporate governance
Published: 20 Nov 17
JSE- and LSE-listed Glencore has nominated three directors, including its CFO Steve Kalmin, to serve on the board of subsidiary company, TSX-listed Katanga Mining. The three directors will work with Katanga’s independent directors to implement the required remediation measures to strengthen Katanga’s corporate governance, compliance and control processes.
Nornickel sees capex rising by 2019-2020
Published: 20 Nov 17
Russia's Norilsk Nickel plans to increase capital expenditure to an average of $2.3-billion to $2.5-billion a year in 2019 and 2020 from about $2-billion in 2018 due to an environmental project and infrastructure modernisation, it said on Monday. Nornickel, part-owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Potanin and aluminium giant Rusal, is the world's top palladium producer and second-largest nickel producer.
India's US coal imports highest since 2015, seen up further on ban
Published: 20 Nov 17
India's coal imports from North America quadrupled to 2.1-million tonnes in October from a year ago, the highest since at least January 2015, Thomson Reuters data showed, and buyers are looking to boost purchases amid a domestic shortage of the fuel. A ban on the use of petroleum coke, a dirtier but better-burning alternative to coal, is spurring expectations India will buy even more coal from the United States in coming months.
SouthGobi CEO arrested as concern over Hong Kong's stocks rises
Published: 20 Nov 17
Mongolian coal producer SouthGobi Resources’ CEO was detained in China as a suspect in a fraudulent loan case, the latest Hong Kong-listed company linked to allegations of misconduct. SouthGobi shares fell as much as 13.6%, the most in four months, to the lowest level in more than a year on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Aminbuhe Aminbuhe, who is also the firm’s chairman, was arrested on October 11 and is being held at Rizhao City Detention Center, the company said in a statement on Friday. Bing Wang will be interim CEO in his absence.
Norilsk Nickel to increase 2017 palladium purchases
Published: 20 Nov 17
Russia's Norilsk Nickel, the world's top palladium producer, said it plans to boost purchases of palladium for its fund from Russian central bank reserves to help ease shortages in the market. Head of Global Sales and Marketing Markus Meurer told Reuters ahead of a presentation to investors that purchases in 2017 would rise to as much as 600 000 oz. This compares with about five tonnes (160 764 oz) last year.
Indian oil firms shift focus to Israel from Iran amid changing geopolitics
Published: 20 Nov 17
Changing geopolitical alignments and receding investment prospects in Iran are prompting a consortium of Indian oil companies to push for domestic energy security through wider exploration and production projects in Israel and Latin American countries. With the $5-billion investment offer to develop the Farzad B oil gas asset in the Persian Gulf not expected to see the light of day, the consortium of Indian national oil companies, including ONGC, Oil India Limited and Indian Oil Corporation, will be putting its weight behind bids for 24 oil and gas blocks put up for development by the Israeli government, government sources have said.
Bushveld’s Vametco subsidiary achieves solid Q3 performance
Published: 20 Nov 17
Aim-listed Bushveld Minerals’ Bushveld Vametco subsidiary put in a solid performance for the third quarter ended September 30, which was supported by a rising vanadium price that traded at an average of $39.40/kg. Bushveld Minerals and Yellow Dragon Holdings in April jointly acquired Bushveld Vametco Alloys, the South African vanadium mining operation, near Brits, in the North West, from Evraz Group.
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