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Encounter offers two new projects to Newcrest
Published: 21 Mar 18
Junior Encounter Resources has generated and secured two new project opportunities that were being assessed by gold miner Newcrest Mining under an existing project generation alliance. Newcrest and Encounter in December of last year agreed to the project generation alliance, which would see the companies enter into a 50:50 joint venture (JV) over any project approved for further exploration.
Nopsema approves Barossa-Caldita plans
Published: 21 Mar 18
The Barossa-Caldita offshore project has taken a major step forward with Australia’s offshore petroleum regulator approving the project proposal. Oil and gas major Santos on Wednesday reported that the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environment Management Authority (Nopsema) had assess the environmental impacts and risks of petroleum activities at the Barossa-Caldita project over an expected 25-year life, and has accepted the joint venture (JV’s) proposal.
Atrum raises cash to fund Elan buy
Published: 21 Mar 18
Coal miner Atrum Coal will raise some A12.6-million through a share placement and entitlement offer to complete the acquisition of the Elan coking coal project, in Canada, and to start an aggressive exploration programme at Elan South. The miner on Wednesday reported that an initial A$8-million will be raised through a two-tranche share placement to institutional and sophisticated investors, with the first tranche consisting of 30.5-million shares, priced at 10c each.
Rio makes plans to further reduce debt
Published: 21 Mar 18
Mining major Rio Tinto has launched a $2.25-billion debt reduction programme. Under the plan, Rio has issued redemption notices for some $1.4-billion of four series of its US-dollar denominated notes, maturing in 2021 and 2022, and has started invitations to holders outside of the US to sell up to around $850-million of two series of its Euro-denominated notes maturing in 2020 and 2024.
Apollo takes interest in Spanish project
Published: 21 Mar 18
ASX-listed Apollo Minerals will acquire a 75% interest in the Aurenere tungsten/gold project, in northern Spain, along strike from the Couflens project, in France. Under the share purchase agreement, Apollo would acquire a majority interest in Spain’s NeoMetal for €100 000 cash upfront, and a further €150 000 on the grant of an investigation permit.
South Flank could support greater demand from Asia South Flank could support greater demand from Asia
Published: 21 Mar 18
The approval of the proposed South Flank mine, in Western Australia, could supply Asia’s growing demand for higher quality iron-ore, mining major BHP’s iron-ore asset president, Edgar Basto said. Addressing the Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast conference, in Perth, Basto noted that the ongoing Chinese supply-side reforms, as well as stringent environmental policies, would continue to drive demand for higher-grade ores.
G20 agrees to 'monitor' cryptocurrencies but no action yet
Published: 21 Mar 18
Financial policymakers from the world's top 20 economies agreed to keep a watchful eye on cryptocurrencies on Tuesday and opened the door to regulating the booming industry at a later stage. Wild swings in the price of Bitcoin, the best known of a myriad of digital currencies issued by private companies, and fears they may be used for evading taxes, launder money, finance terrorism or just scam small investors have raised calls for concerted actions by global regulators.
G20 sees need for 'dialogue,' fails to diffuse trade war threat G20 sees need for 'dialogue,' fails to diffuse trade war threat
Published: 21 Mar 18
The world's financial leaders rejected protectionism on Tuesday and urged "further dialogue" on trade, but failed to diffuse the threat of a trade war days before US metals tariffs take effect and Washington is to announce measures against China. Finance ministers and central bankers of the world's 20 biggest economies, which represent 75% of world trade and 85% of global gross domestic product, discussed trade disruptions as a risk to growth at a two-day meeting.
Workers at Chile's Los Pelambres mine extend contract talks - industry group
Published: 20 Mar 18
Workers at Antofagasta's Los Pelambres copper mine, in Chile, have opted to extend a period of government mediation in an effort to reach agreement on a new labour contract, an industry group said on Tuesday. Workers in the mine's largest union last week rejected an offer for a new labor contract, triggering a period of government mediation and paving the way for an eventual strike.
Eco Oro pursues $764m suit against Colombia as Angostura project postures to perish Eco Oro pursues $764m suit against Colombia as Angostura project postures to perish
Published: 20 Mar 18
Junior project developer Eco Oro Minerals is pursuing a $764-million judgement against Colombia after a court ruling has cancelled exploration over half its concession as part of national efforts to preserve high-altitude wetlands, known as the Páramos. The Vancouver-headquartered company has filed a memorial on the merits with the World Bank's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in its arbitration case against Colombia.
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