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Ekapa Minerals abandons part of its case against Zama Zama miners
Published: 20 Sep 17
Ekapa Minerals has abandoned part of its interdict against "Zama Zama" miners, calling into question the validity of the entire interdict. GroundUp reports that on September 14, Ekapa Minerals filed a notice which abandoned parts of its interdict against Zama Zama miners in Kimberley.
W Resources planning new drilling campaign at Tarouca, Portugal
Published: 20 Sep 17
Aim-listed W Resources has been granted a two-year licence extension for exploration at Tarouca, near its Régua project, in Portugal, paving the way for a new drilling campaign. Tarouca is about 20 km from Régua and has the potential to enhance and expand the Régua development, W Resources chairperson Michael Masterman said on Wednesday.
Black Butte advances further – Sandfire
Published: 20 Sep 17
ASX-listed Sandfire Resources has overcome another development hurdle at its Black Butte project, in Montana, after it was issued a draft operating permit for the copper project. The Montana Department of Environmental Quality now considers the project to be "complete and compliant" in accordance with all state rules and regulations, and it is in the process of finalising the selection of an independent third-party contractor to prepare an environmental-impact statement (EIS).
Finders reports strong H1 on Wetar production
Published: 20 Sep 17
Copper miner Finders Resources reported a net profit after tax of A$41.7-million for the six months ended June 30, as its Wetar copper project, in Indonesia, continued to perform well. The company reported a net loss after tax of A$22.2-million in the previous corresponding period.
Tax benefits rejected under new Indian mineral policy
Published: 20 Sep 17
As the Indian government begins work on a new version of the National Mineral Policy (NMP) 2008, the Finance Ministry has said that it will not be possible to incorporate any direct or indirect tax benefits in the new policy document. The Finance Ministry said this week that use of direct and indirect tax instruments as a policy measure to boost the mining sector would be counter-productive.
Rockfall kills two miners at Impala Platinum’s Rustenburg mine
Published: 20 Sep 17
Two miners died when a rock fell on their heads while drilling in shaft 12 of Impala Platinum’s Rustenburg mine on Tuesday morning, the mine said. The two men, aged 31 and 34, died at the scene, Impala Platinum spokesperson Johan Theron told News24.
Russian nuclear giant joins scramble to supply electric-car boom Russian nuclear giant joins scramble to supply electric-car boom
Published: 20 Sep 17
Russia’s State-owned nuclear corporation is joining the lithium rush. After a collapse in the price of uranium, Rosatom Corp. plans to start mining and trading the metal used in batteries as it seeks to profit from the rapid rise of electric vehicles.
Kinross to invest $820m to tread water on production
Published: 20 Sep 17
Kinross Gold is spending more than $800-million to essentially tread water as – like many miners – it faces a future in which new gold assets are increasingly difficult to find and costly to develop. The Canadian miner said Monday it will move ahead with expansions at mines in Mauritania and Nevada as part of efforts to maintain its production and lower costs.
Buenaventura eyes $2bn copper project in Peru – chairperson
Published: 20 Sep 17
Buenaventura is considering making a bid on a $2-billion copper project in Peru as the precious metal miner's gold production dwindles and copper prices rally, the company's chairperson told Reuters on Tuesday. Speaking at the Perumin industry convention in Arequipa, Peru, Roque Benavides said Buenaventura has already bought the paperwork required to take part in the November 15 auction for Anglo American's former project Michiquillay.
More than 120 birds dead at Suncor-owned Canada oil sands mine
Published: 20 Sep 17
More than 120 birds in Canada's oil heartland of Alberta were killed after getting caught in a pond of oil sands byproducts operated by the country's largest producer Suncor Energy, the local regulator said on Tuesday. The Alberta Energy Regulator said the animals, waterfowl and songbirds, were found at the Fort Hills oil sands mine jointly owned by Suncor, France's Total and Canadian mining company Teck Resources.
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