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AEMFC says will submit bid for Optimum assets AEMFC says will submit bid for Optimum assets
Published: 17 Jan 19
An African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation- (AEMFC-) led consortium on Thursday announced that it would submit a bid for the Optimum Coal assets, which are currently in business rescue. State-owned AEMFC believed the Optimum Coal transaction would be fundamental to the country’s energy security and is strongly supportive of ensuring that these assets are awarded in a transparent, responsible and fair manner.
Asanko progresses Esaase trial mining, exceeds production guidance Asanko progresses Esaase trial mining, exceeds production guidance
Published: 17 Jan 19
TSX- and NYSE-listed Asanko Gold delivered a strong operational performance in the final quarter of 2018, producing 59 823 oz of gold, taking full year output to 223 152 oz. This was above guidance of 200 000 oz to 220 000 oz.
Palladium hurtles through $1 400 as breakneck rally continues
Published: 17 Jan 19
Palladium rocketed through $1 400/oz the first time, extending its precipitous rally despite signs that global vehicle sales are slowing. The precious metal, primarily used in the auto industry for catalytic converters, has surged more than 65% since the middle of August. The bull run has been driven by an acute shortage of immediate supply as car manufacturers scramble to get hold of the metal to meet more stringent emission controls.
Gold drilling demand ensures solid revenue, contracts for Capital Drilling
Published: 17 Jan 19
LSE-listed Capital Drilling exceeded the top end of its revenue guidance of $105-million to $115-million for 2018, on the back of a strong performance at its West African contracts. It earned $116-million in revenue.
Empowered Kwatani benefits local mining industry Empowered Kwatani benefits local mining industry
Published: 17 Jan 19
Industrial and mining vibrating screens manufacturer Kwatani has achieved a level-1 broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) score and is 51% black women-owned. This BBBEE accreditation affords significant benefits to its mining clients that can claim 135% of money spent on Kwatani. Additional BBBEE benefits also arise from procuring from a majority black-owned company, as well as procuring from a black female-owned company, Kwatani CEO Kim Schoepflin told Mining Weekly Online on Thursday.
Shanta Gold sets numerous mining, milling records in 2018
Published: 17 Jan 19
Aim-listed Shanta Gold produced 23 942 oz of gold from its New Luika mine, in Tanzania, in the fourth quarter last year – a 21% increase compared with the third quarter. Production was achieved at a cash cost of $514/oz and an all-in sustaining cost (AISC) of $701/oz.
Harmony Gold selected for global Bloomberg Gender Equality Index Harmony Gold selected for global Bloomberg Gender Equality Index
Published: 17 Jan 19
JSE-listed Harmony Gold has been selected for the 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index that distinguishes companies that are committed to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality. Harmony is one of 230 companies selected.
Jubilee lifts Q4 earnings to R40m Jubilee lifts Q4 earnings to R40m
Published: 17 Jan 19
AltX- and Aim-listed Jubilee Metals ended 2018 on a high, delivering record production at its Hernic operation and increasing operational earnings for the fourth quarter, despite the festive period generally being challenging. Jubilee had combined quarterly operational earnings attributable to it of £2.17-million, or R40-million, which is an increase of 13% compared with the prior quarter.
Macua, Wamua warn of looming protest around Xolobeni consultation
Published: 17 Jan 19
Community rights bodies Mining Affected Communities United in Action (Macua) and Women Affected by Mining United in Action (Wamua) on Thursday announced plans to picket at the offices of the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR). This would be to serve notice that, should Minister Gwede Mantashe and the DMR continue to “bully” the community of Xolobeni, Macua would launch a national campaign in support of the community, which would see mining affected communities from across South Africa take to the streets.
Transnet to pursue ‘just and equitable’ settlements with rail OEMs awarded ‘unlawful’ contracts Transnet to pursue ‘just and equitable’ settlements with rail OEMs awarded ‘unlawful’ contracts
Published: 17 Jan 19
Having determined the procurement of 1 064 diesel and electric locomotives to be “irregular and unlawful”, Transnet has communicated its intention to review contacts awarded to four original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in 2015. The State-owned freight logistics group has also indicated that it will seek to recoup those portions of the contracts that had been inflated as a direct result of corrupt activities at the company, which chairperson Dr Popo Molefe said had been captured, until recently, by a group of “professional thieves”.
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