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Amplats strengthens balance sheet, continues to manage for low prices Amplats strengthens balance sheet, continues to manage for low prices
Published: 24 Jul 17
Platinum mining company Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) reported on Monday that it has been able to further strengthen its balance sheet in the six months to June 30, despite the weaker rand basket prices in the period. In generating R4.3-billion in underlying operating cash flow, Amplats was able to cut net debt to R5.9-billion from R7.3-billion at the end of 2016.  
Export restrictions risk exacerbating domestic gas supply problem – Appea
Published: 24 Jul 17
The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (Appea) has again warned against plans to restrict gas exports to boost domestic supply. The warning comes as Resources Minister Matt Canavan gave formal notice to liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers that he would consider whether 2018 would be a gas shortfall year under the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism (ADGSM).
Newcrest production falls after Cadia disruptions  Newcrest production falls after Cadia disruptions
Published: 24 Jul 17
Australian gold miner Newcrest Mining has reported lower fourth-quarter and full year gold production, following disruptions at the Cadia East operation, in New South Wales. Gold production during the three months to June was down 7.8% on the previous quarter, to 552 000 oz, while full-year production was down 2.4% to 2.38-million ounces.
Embattled Paladin secures new financing facility
Published: 24 Jul 17
The administrators of embattled uranium miner Paladin Energy have secured some $40-million of additional debt, announcing on Monday that they had entered into agreements with Deutsche Bank. Under the agreements, Deutsche Bank would acquire an existing $20-million revolving credit facility from Nedbank, and would increase this to $60-million.
Diamonds bring new life to war-torn Central African Republic
Published: 24 Jul 17
Rough diamonds enabled Abdoul Raouf to marry three women and put his nine children through school. Now that his town in western Central African Republic can legally export the gems to world markets again, his neighbors are expecting similar fortunes. “Diamonds are my life,” said Raouf, who trades the stones bought from artisanal miners in the town of Gamboula, near the border with Cameroon and a 10-hour drive to the capital, Bangui. “It’s because of diamonds that I can take care of my family.”
Altona sinks Sichuan deal
Published: 24 Jul 17
ASX-listed Altona Mining has abandoned joint venture (JV) agreement with Sichuan Railway Investment Group (SRIG) over the Cloncurry project, in north-west Queensland, after the Chinese group failed to secure regulatory approval for the transaction. Altona already granting SRIG an extension to July 21 to obtain the necessary Chinese regulatory approvals to execute a subscription deed, and said on Monday that it would not give a further extension. Instead, the company would look for alternative transactions with a third party.
Makabingui granted Presidential Decree
Published: 24 Jul 17
ASX-listed Bassari Resources has been granted a Presidential Decree for its Makabingui gold project, in Senegal. The company said on Monday that the decree validated the terms of the Makabingui exploration permit, which was issued by the Mines Department and signed by the Minister of Mines and Geology.
Australia ships first uranium to India for testing, Bishop says
Published: 24 Jul 17
Australia has sent its first uranium shipment to India for testing purposes ahead of possible commercial sales to the nation, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said. “I can confirm that the first shipment of uranium has taken place in mid-July, when a small sample of uranium was transferred for testing purposes,” Bishop said in an emailed statement on Saturday.
Botswana invites bids for coal-to-liquids project Botswana invites bids for coal-to-liquids project
Published: 24 Jul 17
The Botswana government is seeking prospective bidders for the establishment of a coal-to-liquids plant in the Southern African county, with support from its State-owned oil company, Botswana Oil. Botswana Oil, which manages State-owned strategic fuel reserve facilities, says in a prequalification tender advertisement that the project aims to diversify Botswana’s economy and attain fuel self-sufficiency through the exploitation of the country’s abundant coal resources.
Trump America-first pipeline plan draws ire of American oil
Published: 21 Jul 17
Donald Trump’s allies in the oil industry are warning the president that his bid to boost US steelmakers could backfire against their efforts to achieve his goal of "American energy dominance." The intense lobbying effort comes as the Commerce Department faces a Sunday deadline to give the president a plan to require oil and gas pipelines use American-made steel, an idea Trump embraced in the initial days of his presidency. While the US has imposed "Buy American" rules on government purchases for decades, it would be unprecedented to force those obligations on privately funded, commercial projects.
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