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At least 30 gold miners killed in tunnel collapse in northern Afghanistan
Published: 06 Jan 19
At least 30 Afghans were killed on Sunday when the tunnel they were digging in to mine gold in northern Afghanistan collapsed, officials said. Officials said the victims were villagers who were mining for gold illegally, rather than in a government project.
Barrick's new CEO says gold industry shake-up is just starting Barrick's new CEO says gold industry shake-up is just starting
Published: 04 Jan 19
Barrick Gold Corp.’s new chief executive officer has a message for the gold industry: This is just the start of a big shake-up. Barrick agreed to buy smaller rival Randgold Resources Ltd. in a $5.4-billion deal announced in September. As part of the agreement, Randgold’s CEO, Mark Bristow, became the CEO of Barrick, the world’s biggest gold miner.
Miners warn of Green's coal ban Bill Miners warn of Green's coal ban Bill
Published: 04 Jan 19
The resources sector has warned of the detrimental effects a Bill to ban thermal coal mining in the Galilee Basin, in Queensland, would have on the economy. The Galilee Basin (Coal Prohibition Bill) has been introduced by the Greens into the Federal Senate, and if made into law, will see the permanent banning of all coal mining in the Galilee Basin, and effectively stop the $16.5-billion Carmichael coal mine from starting operations.
Zambia says mines have failed to show impact of higher taxes
Published: 04 Jan 19
Mining companies operating in Zambia have failed to show how higher taxes introduced this year will affect their profitability despite objecting to the new framework, a senior government official said on Thursday. The country, Africa's second-largest copper producer, increased its sliding scale for royalties of 4% to 6% by 1.5 percentage points from January 1 and introduced a new 10% tax when the price of copper exceeds $7 500/t.
India's top court says "every second counts" for miners trapped for 3 weeks
Published: 04 Jan 19
ndia's Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the government to list the steps it plans for the rescue of at least 15 miners trapped in a so-called "rat-hole" coal mine for three weeks in a remote hilly state, warning that "every second counts". The workers were ensnared on December 13 when the illegal mine in the northeastern state of Meghalaya was flooded. Rescuers have so far only been able to find three helmets and two axes underground.
Detour Gold names Paulson-backed Bill Williams as interim CEO
Published: 04 Jan 19
Detour Gold said on Thursday it has picked Paulson & Co-backed nominee Bill Williams to be its interim CEO, replacing Michael Kenyon. The Canadian gold miner was previously involved in a months-long proxy fight with billionaire John Paulson's hedge fund, which pushed for a complete overhaul of the board and Kenyon's resignation.
Petrobras to focus on core business, spat with govt to be resolved soon -officials
Published: 04 Jan 19
Brazilian officials on Thursday predicted a quick resolution to a dispute with Petroleo Brasileiro SA over offshore oil blocks and doubled down on pledges to steer the state-run firm toward its core businesses like oil exploration. At the swearing-in ceremony for new CEO Roberto Castello Branco, incoming Mines and Energy Minister Bento Albuquerque said Petrobras, as the company is known, and the state, expect to resolve a dispute over the oil-producing zone known as the 'transfer-of-rights' area within 100 days.
Anglo American makes executive changes in base metals unit and Brazil Anglo American makes executive changes in base metals unit and Brazil
Published: 03 Jan 19
Global mining group Anglo American on Thursday announced a number of senior management changes following the decision to divide the management of its global base metals business from its strategy and business development activities.  The group said that Ruben Fernandes, currently chief executive of Anglo American in Brazil, will succeed Duncan Wanblad as chief executive of base metals effective 1 March 2019 and join the group management committee of Anglo American upon taking up his new role.
Sconi offtake still on the cards - Australian Mines
Published: 03 Jan 19
ASX-listed Australian Mines was hoping to finalise and execute a binding offtake agreement with SK Innovation during the current quarter. The company on Thursday moved to allay shareholder concerns regarding media speculation around the binding offtake agreement, which was initially launched in February last year, for the sale and purchase of all the cobalt sulphate and nickel sulphate to be produced from the Sconi cobalt/nickel/scandium project, in Queensland.
Orinoco launches review and leadership restructure
Published: 03 Jan 19
Gold miner Orinoco has launched an operational and strategic review of its Cascavel gold mine, in Brazil, with the aim of addressing key issues to optimse production and cash flows in 2019. As part of the review, an independent metallurgist has attended the mine and has provided Orinico with his findings, recommending the replacement of the vertical spindle impacter in the processing plant with two hammer mills.
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