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Kumba raises Sishen FY production guidance
Published: 20 Jul 17
Kumba Iron Ore has raised the full-year production guidance for its Sishen mine, in the Northern Cape, to 28-million to 29-million tonnes, owing to the solid and consistent performance and ongoing improvements at the mine. The mine produced 7.9-million tonnes of iron-ore in the second quarter of the year, ended June 30, a 38% year-on-year increase.
Caledonia lowers FY17 output target on infrastructure constraints
Published: 20 Jul 17
Canadian gold miner Caledonia Mining has reduced its full-year production target to between 52 000 oz and 57 000 oz of gold, from the previously targeted 60 000 oz. The company’s Blanket mine, in Zimbabwe, produced 12 522 oz of gold in the quarter ended June 30, compared with the 12 510 oz produced in the second quarter of the previous year.
Black Iron reinvigorates Ukraine iron-ore project on favourable exchange rate Black Iron reinvigorates Ukraine iron-ore project on favourable exchange rate
Published: 20 Jul 17
Canadian explorer and developer Black Iron will develop a new preliminary economic assessment (PEA) for its Shymanivske iron-ore project, in Ukraine, to take into account the favourable exchange rate and a phased development plan. Instead of a 9.9-million-ton-a-year operation, as considered in the 2014 feasibility study, the PEA will be based on a scaled down, yet expandable design, starting with a four-million-ton-a-year operation.
Diamond output leap helps Anglo Diamond output leap helps Anglo
Published: 20 Jul 17
A sharp rise in rough diamond production at a time of stable diamond trading conditions has boosted diversified mining company Anglo American in the three months to June 30, when overall production was 8% up on a copper-equivalent basis. Rough diamond production increased by 36% to 8.7 million carats, with production in Canada reporting a nigh sixfold rise to one-million carats on the Gahcho Kué mine’s ramp-up, with production at De Beers Consolidated Mines in South Africa jumping 71% to 1.4-million carats on higher grades at the Venetia diamond mine in Limpopo. 
EU court upholds asset freeze on Central African diamond traders
Published: 20 Jul 17
An EU court on Thursday upheld the bloc's freeze on the funds of two companies charged with trafficking in conflict diamonds and supporting armed groups in the Central African Republic. In 2015, the European Union decided to block the European assets of Badica, a large diamond trading firm in the Central African Republic, and its Belgian unit Kardiam.
Alrosa discovers two large diamonds
Published: 20 Jul 17
Russian diamond major Alrosa has discovered two large diamonds this week, one of which weighs nearly 110 ct and the other a 75 ct stone. The larger of the two diamonds was recovered at the No 3 processing plant of the Mirny mining and processing division on Tuesday, and the other diamond was recovered two days prior to that at the No 14 processing plant of Aikhal mining and processing division.
Dalradian surface drilling programme to enhance Curraghinalt project
Published: 20 Jul 17
Gold explorer and developer Dalradian Resources has started a 30 000-m surface drilling programme at its Curraghinalt project, in Northern Ireland, as part of its 2017 exploration programme. Five drill rigs were currently operating, the company reported on Thursday.
Blueprint for Queensland’s North West minerals province welcomed
Published: 20 Jul 17
The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) has welcomed the Queensland government’s release of a blueprint for the North West minerals province, which contains a suite of actions to secure the long-term future of the minerals-rich region. The strategic blueprint leverages existing initiatives and includes more than A$39-million for new measures focused on three strategic priorities, namely facilitating continued resources sector development, diversifying the regional economy and creating employment opportunities, and working with businesses and communities to deliver integrated and appropriate services.
Optimised study boosts Savannah project’s output and lowers costs
Published: 20 Jul 17
An optimisation of the feasibility study (FS) for the Savannah base metals project, in Western Australia, has lowered the expected C1 cash and operating costs of the operation, while targeting higher nickel, copper and cobalt output, owner Panoramic reported on Thursday. Compared with a February FS, the optimised study decreased C1 cash costs from $2/lb to $1.40/lb nickel in concentrate, while operating costs have decreased from $4.50/lb to $3.10/lb of nickel.
South32 reports lower FY production for most commodities South32 reports lower FY production for most commodities
Published: 20 Jul 17
Diversified miner South32 on Thursday reported an increase in production across most of its portfolio for the three months to June, compared with the previous quarter, but its full-year performance was lower for several commodities. The Perth-headquartered group, which operates in Australia and South Africa, increased its alumina and aluminium production by 2% and 1% respectively in the June quarter, to 1.3-million tonnes and 248 000 t. The Mozal smelter, in Mozambique, and the South African aluminium refinery each delivered a 2% increase in output.
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