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Eskom’s ‘business-as-usual’ tariff application comes under fire Eskom’s ‘business-as-usual’ tariff application comes under fire
Published: 16 Nov 17
The “business as usual” stance adopted by Eskom in its application for a 19.9% increase in tariffs for 2018/19 came under sustained attack during the Gauteng leg of the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (Nersa’s) public hearings on Thursday. Eskom interim CEO Sean Maritz kicked off the hearings with an appeal for the utility’s application for allowable revenue of R219.5-billion to be reviewed on its merits, rather than the “negative information that currently drives public opinion” about the utility.
Kibo upgrades MCPP MoU
Published: 16 Nov 17
Aim-listed minerals and exploration development company Kibo Energy has upgraded its existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tanzania Ministry of Energy and the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco), regarding a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the development and implementation of the Mbeya coal-to-power project (MCPP), to provide a more streamlined process with materially shorter time lines for PPA finalisation. All stakeholders have recognised that the development and implementation of a PPA for the MCPP must be expedited, given significant delays over the past year, as well as the strategic importance of the MCPP.
DRC State mining company under fire DRC State mining company under fire Has Video
Published: 16 Nov 17
Certain revenues of the Democratic Republic of Congo State mining company have not been directed to the public treasury and are largely beyond the realm of public oversight, claims a report by the Carter Centre. Mining Weekly editor Martin Creamer joins senior deputy editor Tracy Hancock in studio to discuss the report’s findings.
Orion initiates hitech regional exploration in Northern Cape Orion initiates hitech regional exploration in Northern Cape
Published: 16 Nov 17
Sydney- and Johannesburg-listed company Orion Minerals will from November 26 initiate an airborne survey across a large area of South Africa’s Northern Cape as part of a regional exploration programme that will make use of the latest available technology in an area last explored in the 1980s. Electromagnetic methods have advanced significantly since the last systematic exploration took place in the Northern Cape belt and CEO Errol Smart believes that Orion has a rare opportunity to enhance value by carrying out advanced and early stage projects at the same time.
ONGC remains committed to Venezuelan oil project
Published: 16 Nov 17
Despite a default in sovereign debt by Venezuela, Indian oil and gas major ONGC has clarified in a statement that it will continue implementation of the San Cristobel oilfield project, in the politically and economically embattled Latin American country. ONGC said this week that the November 2016 agreement with Venezuelan national oil company, Petreos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), remained in place and that all provisions to implement ongoing projects would continue.
India’s SCCL to start work on six coal mines
Published: 16 Nov 17
India’s second-largest coal miner, Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL), is planning to start work on six mines before the end of March. Besides ramping up production capacity, the opening up four underground and two opencast projects will enable SCCL to bridge the productivity gap between its existing opencast and underground mines, company officials have said.
CSIR signals renewables-led electricity mix by 2050 CSIR signals renewables-led electricity mix by 2050
Published: 16 Nov 17
The CSIR Energy Centre has published updated research outcomes indicating that South Africa’s least-cost electricity mix, by 2050, includes predominantly solar photovoltaic (PV) and onshore wind contributing nearly 80% of the country’s electrical energy. The research outcomes, which were released at WindAc 2017 in Cape Town on November 15, are a follow on from the techno-economic analysis produced by the science council in response to the Department of Energy’s (DoE’s) call for public comment on the draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2016) Base Case, published in late 2016.
Gascoyne extends Dalgaranga mine life
Published: 16 Nov 17
Gold developer Gascoyne Resources has added ounces to its Dalgaranga project, in Western Australia, which could extend gold production to beyond the planned six years. The ASX-listed miner on Thursday announced that the mine plan for the Dalgaranga project had been updated to include the recently discovered Sly Fox deposit, as well as a redesign of the Gileys pit and an update of the Golden Wings mineral resource.
Santos denies takeover rumours
Published: 16 Nov 17
Oil and gas major Santos on Thursday refuted claims that it was engaged in takeover talks with Harbour Energy. The company told shareholders that it had received a confidential, nonbinding conditional and indicative proposal from Harbour Energy in August, to acquire all the shares in Santos for an indicative price of A$4.55 a share.
Cazaly changes focus at Mt Venn
Published: 16 Nov 17
Junior Cazaly Resources is reviewing the base metal potential of its Mount Venn project, in Western Australia, after fellow-listed Great Boulder Resources discovered copper/nickel/cobalt mineralisation at its own Yamarna project. The results from Great Boulder’s first nine holes at its Yamarna project revealed the presence of a wide zone of primary, near-surface copper/nickel/cobalt sulphide mineralisation which remains open in all directions.
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