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Resource nationalism reasonable, but adequate negotiation needed Resource nationalism reasonable, but adequate negotiation needed
Published: 13 Jul 18
Resource nationalism is “completely legitimate” in principle; however, it seems to be used too often with a short-term political agenda, and often produces ill-advised reforms, says global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright partner Christophe Asselineau. The seemingly increasing trend towards nationalist thinking, combined with and likely driven by growing economic inequality, had resulted in several changes in mining and tax legislation in various sub-Saharan African countries, Mining Weekly ...
IoT, new technologies can solve challenges, increase competitiveness IoT, new technologies can solve challenges, increase competitiveness
Published: 13 Jul 18
Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating “a huge wave” in Africa, as smart connected devices are being deployed at mines, there is further potential for smart devices and IoT to positively impact on mining operations in Africa, says pan-African law conglomerate Centurion Law Group CEO NJ Ayuk. “IoT can have an even larger impact . . . by providing a range of innovative services to gather data and gain insights to bolster efficiency and productivity.”
Company distributes boosters for use in rescue services Company distributes boosters for use in rescue services
Published: 13 Jul 18
High pressure breathing air compressor supply company Coltri Compressors South Africa became the sole distributer of the MPS Booster pump for booster pump manufacturer MPS Technology in Southern Africa which is marketing it to emergency medical services (EMS) for underground rescues. The MPS Booster pump – known as a pneumatic pressure intensifier – allows for the transfer of volatile and expensive gases, from one cylinder to another in a much safer way. The high compression unit draws out the desired gas from a lower pressure vessel and then recompresses it into a smaller tank, maximising how much can be attained from one tank of said gas.
West African mining  industry shows strong growth potential West African mining industry shows strong growth potential
Published: 13 Jul 18
The crowning of two West African mining projects as the winner and the runner-up of Investment Battlefield at the Investing in African Mining Indaba, held in February this year, indicates strong growth potential for mining and investment attraction in West Africa, says Canadian mineral exploration company Thor Explorations. “Even though West Africa . . .  is underdeveloped, several mining projects have been delivered in recent years and the pipeline of opportunities is strong and growing,” enthuses Thor Explorations CEO Segun Lawson. Some of these mining projects include Roxgold’s Yaramoko gold mine in Burkina Faso which saw the first gold pour in 2016, Hummingbird Resources Yanfolila gold mine in Mali which poured gold for the first time in December 2017, and Toro Gold’s Mako gold mine in Senegal which poured its first gold in January.
Phase 2 drilling campaign to start at Burundi rare earths project Phase 2 drilling campaign to start at Burundi rare earths project
Published: 13 Jul 18
Rare-earth elements (REE) mining company Rainbow Rare Earths will start its Phase 2 drilling campaign at its Gakara project, in Burundi, this month, which will consist of about 750 m of further core drilling at the Kiyenzi prospect, says Rainbow CEO Martin Eales. Gakara is one of the highest-grade rare-earth element mining projects globally, with an estimated in situ vein grade of 47% to 67% total rare-earth oxide (TREO), and Rainbow is targeting production ramp-up to a rate of 5 000 t/y of concentrate by the end of this year.
Asanko focusing on Esaase development to expand production
Published: 13 Jul 18
As part of its near-term organic growth strategy, Canadian junior gold producer Asanko Gold is focusing on expanding production at the Asanko Gold Mine (AGM) in Ghana, with the development of the Esaase gold deposit, within the 2018/19 calendar year. The AGM, commissioned in early 2016, comprises two main deposits: Nkran, which is the main ore source currently being mined and the large greenfield deposit Esaase, along with seven other satellite deposits and a 5-million-ton-a year carbon-in-leach (CIL) processing facility. These deposits are all located on the Asankrangwa Gold Belt, which is largely underexplored.
Zimbabwe has skills,  natural resources to support increasing investment Zimbabwe has skills, natural resources to support increasing investment
Published: 13 Jul 18
Zimbabwe has adequate skilled and unskilled labour to support increasing investment and the expansion of mining operations, claims mining, exploration and development company Caledonia Mining. Caledonia owns the Blanket gold mine in Zimbabwe, one of the few operating gold mines in the country. The company is seeking to expand its operations and increase production growth by 45% to about 80 000 oz/y by 2021. Caledonia is also pursuing explorations at several satellite projects around the Blanket mine.
Mining Charter  crucial, improvement needed – law firm Mining Charter crucial, improvement needed – law firm
Published: 13 Jul 18
It is important that the Mining Charter is given the attention it deserves if South Africa is serious about empowerment, says law firm ENSafrica natural resources and environment director Ntsiki Adonisi-Kgame. The draft Mining Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry was published last month.
Artisanal mining, geopolitical milieu remain challenges
Published: 13 Jul 18
Artisanal mining in West Africa, as well as an unstable geopolitical environment, remain core challenges to mining investment in the area, states Western Australia-based project developer Sarama Resources. “As noted by a number of key industry players, artisanal mining is becoming pervasive and more structured – it is more organised and better funded than it has ever been before,” says Sarama president and CEO Andrew Dinning.  Artisanal mining can create friction between artisanal miners and local communities, as well as industrial miners. Moreover, artisanal mining can present access challenges for exploration teams or even compromise established deposits.
Angolan companies looking to find and exploit local gold and diamond reserves
Published: 13 Jul 18
The Angolan Government has granted four new prospecting concessions for gold, the Macauhub news agency has reported. All four concessions have gone to partnerships formed by the State-owned Empresa Nacional de Ferro de Angola (Ferrangol – the National Iron Company of Angola) with various private enterprises. Together, the concessions cover an area of more than 5 000 km2 and involve an investment, by the partner companies, of €8-million.
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