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Danakali welcomes UN lifting of sanctions against Eritrea
Published: 15 Nov 18
A decision by the United Nations (UN) to lift an arms embargo, travel ban and asset freeze against Eritrea should have a positive impact on foreign investment and enhance international trade opportunities, leading to improved economic outcomes for the people of Eritrea, potash mining company Danakali chairperson Seamus Cornelius commented on Thursday. The UN Security Council on Wednesday agreed to lift the sanctions it imposed against Eritrea in 2009, after a rapprochement with Ethiopia.
Zimbabwe raises gold miners' forex allowances after output halt
Published: 15 Nov 18
Zimbabwe’s central bank increased the amount of foreign exchange that gold companies can retain after a shortage forced some mines to close. Metal producers in Zimbabwe have been struggling to meet production costs because of the shortage of hard currency. That forced RioZim to temporarily shutter three of its mines last month, curbing a key source of the country’s export earnings.
WDC calls for expanded definition of conflict diamonds
Published: 15 Nov 18
The World Diamond Council (WDC) and the Civil Society Coalition (CSC) this week voiced their strong support for an expanded definition of conflict diamonds at the launch of the 2018 Plenary Session of the Kimberley Process (KP), in Brussels, Belgium. The proposal, put forward by the government of Canada, looks to strengthen the scope by expanding the KP’s official definition of what constitutes conflict diamonds.
Chaarat enters into $10m loan agreement
Published: 15 Nov 18
Aim-quoted Chaarat has entered into a new loan agreement for $10-million, the company announced on Thursday. The proceeds would be applied to Chaarat's goal of building a leading emerging markets gold company with an initial focus on Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, as well as to support the recent Kapan acquisition.
Keras to start bulk sampling testwork at Nayega project in early 2019
Published: 15 Nov 18
Aim-listed Keras Resources remains on schedule to ship a 10 000 t bulk sample of manganese, mined at the Nayega manganese project, in Togo, for pyrometallurgical testwork, by the end of January. The company on Thursday stated that about 6 000 t (of +12mm manganese) has been pre-screened on the scrubber plant feed stockpile.
Now export duty dispute halts Katanga’s copper exports Now export duty dispute halts Katanga’s copper exports
Published: 15 Nov 18
Merely a week after Glencore subsidiary Katanga Mining halted cobalt exports from its Kamoto mine, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), its copper exports have also been suspended as a result of an alleged failure to declare and pay duties on 6 650 t of copper in late 2015, early 2016. In its third-quarter results announcement, TSX-listed Katanga said that the DRC's customs authority had temporarily blocked its 75%-owned subsidiary Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) from importing or exporting any material or production.
Resources Watch Resources Watch Has Video
Published: 15 Nov 18
Anglo American recommits to sustainable development goals, sets milestones for 2020 and 2030 And, a two-month skills development course has concluded
Botswana Diamonds buys Alrosa’s stake in Sunland JV, talks with new partner progress Botswana Diamonds buys Alrosa’s stake in Sunland JV, talks with new partner progress
Published: 15 Nov 18
Aim-listed Botswana Diamonds (BOD) has completed the acquisition of Russian diamond miner Alrosa’s 50% interest in the Sunland Minerals joint venture (JV), giving BOD full ownership of the project. BOD on Thursday also announced that negotiations were under way with a potential new JV partner – a large diamond producer that is interested in acquiring 50% of the project and which has a strong exploration team in place.
MC Mining acquires key surface rights for Makhado project
Published: 15 Nov 18
MC Mining’s subsidiary, Baobab Mining & Exploration has reached agreement on the terms and conditions under which it will acquire the two key properties required for its Makhado hard coking and thermal coal project, in Limpopo.
RBPlat reaches milestone at Styldrift
Published: 15 Nov 18
Royal Bafokeng Platinum has made progress in delivering against its growth strategy, by achieving the 150 000 t a month milestone at Styldrift in October, the company announced on Thursday. In addition to achieving this milestone, Silo 4 and the associated ore handling infrastructure required to sustain production above 150 000 t a month has also been successfully commissioned.
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