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Goldplat sees growth opportunities at Ghana recovery business, Kenya mine
Published: 18 Sep 17
Aim-listed Goldplat expects growth in its recovery business to come from its Gold Recovery Ghana (GRG) subsidiary in the 2018 financial year. Goldplat, which on Monday released its results for the financial year ended June 30, noted the difficulty in procuring sufficient appropriate quality carbon material within Ghana for treatment by GRG forcing the subsidiary to procure material from West Africa and South America.
Davies approves operator for Musina-Makhado SEZ
Published: 18 Sep 17
The Department of Trade and Industry has issued a special economic zone (SEZ) operator’s permit for the Musina-Makhado SEZ to South African Energy Metallurgical Base, a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Shenzhen Hoi Mor Resources. The permit, approved by Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies after recommendation from the SEZ Advisory Board, authorises the operator to develop, operate and manage the South African energy and metallurgical zone.
Guinea bauxite miner SMB resumes operations after riots
Published: 18 Sep 17
Guinea bauxite mining company Societe Miniere de Boke (SMB) resumed operations Monday after riots interrupted deliveries at its three sites on Friday, General Manager Frederic Bouzigues told Reuters. SMB, owned by China's Winning Shipping and Shandong Weiqiao, along with UMS International and the Guinean State, expects to reach full capacity in two to three days, Bouzigues said.
Kibo moves closer to concluding PPA, securing project financing for MCPP
Published: 18 Sep 17
Dual-listed Kibo Mining says it is near concluding a power purchase agreement (PPA), as well as securing project financing for its Mbeya coal-to-power project (MCPP) in Tanzania. A memorandum of understanding (MoU), as a precursor to a final PPA with Tanzania power utility Tanesco, has passed all the relevant legislative stages and is awaiting final confirmation from Tanzania’s Attorney General.
Orion seeks to develop new, modern copper mine over historical success Orion seeks to develop new, modern copper mine over historical success
Published: 18 Sep 17
With a secondary listing on the JSE now firmly under its belt, Australian base metals firm Orion Minerals is looking to reignite the development of a South African mining asset it believes was abandoned well before its prime – the Prieska zinc/copper project, in the Northern Cape. However, for Orion, it is not so much the reviving of an old mine, but rather the “building of a new mine on an old mine’s footprint”, applying modern technology that previous generation miners never had, to unveil the orebody gems believed to be hidden in the region.
Resolute becomes a World Gold Council member
Published: 18 Sep 17
ASX-listed Resolute Mining has become a member of the World Gold Council (WGC). “We are delighted that Resolute has joined the WGC alongside some of the world’s leading and most forward-thinking gold mining companies. I look forward to working with Resolute’s CEO and MD, John Welborn in shaping the agenda to ensure the continued growth and vibrancy of gold demand worldwide,” WGC CE Aram Shishmanian commented in a statement issued on Monday.   “Our ambition to unlock further value across Africa and Australia relies on an expert understanding of the broader gold market. As such, the WGC’s insight into market dynamics and its contributions to further widening access to gold will strengthen our ability to deliver new opportunities for our shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Together, we can ensure the gold market keeps growing and improving,” added Welborn.
Petra’s FY17 profit down 69% y/y; company restarts Tanzania mine Petra’s FY17 profit down 69% y/y; company restarts Tanzania mine
Published: 18 Sep 17
The delayed ramp-up of expansion programmes, rising on-mine cash costs and a stronger rand have negatively impacted on LSE-listed Petra Diamonds’ financial results for the 2017 financial year, with net profit down 69% year-on-year to $20.7-million. Cash generated from operations was down 10% year-on-year to $160.2-million, but revenue rose 11% year-on-year to $477-million.
Dalradian considering ore sorting at Curraghinalt Dalradian considering ore sorting at Curraghinalt
Published: 18 Sep 17
Gold developer Dalradian Resources is considering investing in technology to separate high-grade gold from waste at the Curraghinalt project, in Northern Ireland, using ore sorting technology. The company recently had a bulk sample of 5 t of mineralised material grading 9.52 g/t tested by Outotec, in Germany, and was presented a “very good results”, Dalradian COO Eric Tremblay reported on Monday.
Davenport gains access to South Harz exploration database
Published: 18 Sep 17
Australian junior Davenport Resources has been issued a notarised certificate, which confirms its acquisition of three potash licences in the South Harz region of Germany and allows the company access to historic exploration data. Davenport MD Chris Bain said on Monday that its exploration team, in conjunction with its consultants, Ercosplan, had started collecting and analysing the information from the Mühlhausen-Nohra, Ebeleben and Ohmgebirge licences.
Black Mountain divests of silver assets to focus on vermiculite
Published: 18 Sep 17
ASX-listed junior Black Mountain Resources has divested of its non-core US silver assets, in a bid to focus its attention on its Namakara vermiculite mine, in Uganda. The company on Monday told shareholders that it had divested of its 70% stake in two prospective US silver mines in Montana and Idaho, in a deal struck with Texas Energy Advisors, worth A$70 000.
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