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Online submission streamlines application procedure for water licences
Published: 26 Apr 18
The process for water use licence applications (WULAs) is improving as a result of an online system being put in place by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), according to SRK Consulting principal environmental scientist Jacky Burke. Burke, the leader of SRK’s WULA Group, hosted a workshop on WULA last month, and comments that “water is a complex field and everyone involved is on a steep learning curve with the stringent new licensing system.”
N American oil & gas, mining sectors released a third of total 2013 pollution – report N American oil & gas, mining sectors released a third of total 2013 pollution – report
Published: 25 Apr 18
A new report that fine-combed the national pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTRs) of Canada, the US and Mexico to explore pollutant data reported by industrial facilities, has pointed to the critical need to standardise the way information is collected across the three jurisdictions, according to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). Orlando Cabrera Rivera of the CEC tells Mining Weekly Online that the differences in the comparability of the data sets from the various jurisdictions proved to be the single biggest challenge in compiling the report.
Newfield Resources’ acquisition of Stellar Diamonds clears all hurdles
Published: 25 Apr 18
With all conditions for the proposed acquisition by Australian diversified exploration company Newfield Resources of Aim-listed Stellar Diamonds, now met, the acquisition will become effective from April 26.
Eskom dealing with coal shortages at seven power stations Eskom dealing with coal shortages at seven power stations
Published: 25 Apr 18
State-owned power utility Eskom on Wednesday said it had put measures in place to deal with the coal shortages at seven of its power stations, in Mpumalanga, and has assured the public that this would not result in load-shedding.
Antofagasta Q1 copper output down 10.5%
Published: 25 Apr 18
Chilean-focused Antofagasta said first quarter copper production fell by 10.5% to 153 800 t compared with the same quarter a year ago, mainly because of lower quality ore, but kept full-year output guidance unchanged. The issue of ore quality in mature copper regions, especially Chile, the largest copper producing country, has been widely flagged.
Kyrgyz State miner has not seen Chaarat's Kumtor takeover offer
Published: 25 Apr 18
Kyrgyz gold miner Kyrgyzaltyn has not yet seen or studied an offer by Chaarat Gold to take over the Kumtor gold mine, its deputy CEO, Bektur Sagynov, said on Wednesday. Chaarat Gold on Tuesday made a proposal to buy Kyrgyzstan's largest gold mine, Kumtor, from Canada's Centerra Gold for an undisclosed cash sum, in a deal that would also involve Kyrgyz state firm Kyrgyzaltyn.
Exxaro to fund R100m road upgrade in Limpopo Exxaro to fund R100m road upgrade in Limpopo
Published: 25 Apr 18
Diversified miner Exxaro Resources and provincial roads agency Roads Agency Limpopo (RAL) on Wednesday signed a memorandum of agreement for the R100-million upgrade of a road in Lephalale. The project, to be implemented jointly, is for the upgrade from gravel to tar of road D2001, which stretches 9.56 km.
Barloworld to sell Iberian equipment business, shares hit
Published: 25 Apr 18
Barloworld will sell its underperforming Iberian equipment business to privately-owned Italian group Tesa following a strategic review. Shares in the equipment, car rental and logistics provider fell more than 7% after Wednesday's announcement, in which Barloworld said the overall proceeds of the transaction are estimated to be R2.4-billion.
Fresnillo reports higher Q1 silver and gold output
Published: 25 Apr 18
Mexico-focused Fresnillo has reported a year-on-year increase in silver and gold production during the March quarter, as the new San Julian JM (Phase 2) mine is now operating at full capacity.contribution to output. Silver production jumped 14% to 14.24-million ounces, when compared with the first quarter of 2017. The positive contribution from the the San Julian mine was partially offset by lower output at Saucito, as a result of lower ore grades.
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