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BMI index shows policy determines market attractiveness in Latin America
Published: 20 Jul 17
With policy being of the utmost importance when determining market attractiveness, countries with reliably stable  business environments will continue to dominate the top mining risk/reward index scores in the Americas, reflecting miners' prioritisation of reducing risk, given a volatile mineral price outlook, according to market research firm BMI. In its recently published Risk/Reward Index for the Americas, the analyst stated that the Americas region posts a middle-of-the-road score in its global mining risk/reward index, ranking third among five regions with a score of 50.9.
Taseko restarts Gibraltar mine
Published: 20 Jul 17
Base metals producer Taseko mines has restarted operations at its Gibraltar mine, in British Columbia, following a four-day hiatus as hundreds of wildfires ravaged the province’s interior. The TSX-listed company said on Wednesday that restarting the mine will help to limit interruption and keep the payrolls going, which in-turn provides the community with stability and continuity as some employees rebuild their homes and lives.
Greenstone Gold partners submit environmental applications for Hardrock project
Published: 20 Jul 17
Joint venture (JV) partners Centerra Gold and Premier Gold Mines have submitted the environmental impact statement and environmental assessment (EIS/EA) to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to start the formal environmental review process of the Hardrock gold project, in Ontario. The TSX-listed companies, which together form the Greenstone Gold Mines (GGM) 50:50 JV to develop the Hardrock deposit, said on Wednesday that, in preparing the applications, GGM has worked in close consultation with local Aboriginal communities, the municipality of Greenstone and local stakeholders to ensure that their input is reflected within the final EIS/EA.
Arbitrator grants some protective relief for Centerra in ongoing Kyrgyz legal saga Arbitrator grants some protective relief for Centerra in ongoing Kyrgyz legal saga
Published: 19 Jul 17
Canadian gold producer Centerra Gold has been granted some interim relief in its rolling arbitration against the Kyrgyz Republic and State miner Kyrgyzaltyn, regarding the Kumtor project. The TSX-listed miner reported on Wednesday that the arbitrator sided with the company, finding prima facie evidence that Centerra had both made out a case for the arbitrator to take jurisdiction over the arbitration proceeding and been convincing regarding the merits of the case.
A decade since global financial crisis, diamond industry yet to re-test 2011 summer highs A decade since global financial crisis, diamond industry yet to re-test 2011 summer highs
Published: 19 Jul 17
This year marks ten years since the start of the global financial crisis in 2007, an event that shook global markets to the core and precipitated a changed market landscape for many commodities, including diamonds. With this in mind, independent diamond industry analyst and consultant Paul Zimnisky has published a new blow-by-blow report chronicling the industry rise and fall, and the volatility the crisis has induced in the global market for these precious gems.
A pearl at a time, Fission redefines Saskatchewan’s Athabasca basin A pearl at a time, Fission redefines Saskatchewan’s Athabasca basin Has Video
Published: 19 Jul 17
Since the November 2012 discovery of a new high-grade uranium deposit just outside the south-western corner of Saskatchewan’s famed Athabasca basin, where the world’s highest-grade uranium mines are found, explorer Fission Uranium has succeeded in stringing together new uranium discoveries “like pearls on a necklace”. The TSX-listed company’s Patterson Lake South (PLS) project now stretches some 3.17 km over an east-to-west strike length, in five separated mineralised zones, which sparked a staking rush in the area soon after the first discovery was revealed, in an area initially thought to host coal, not high-grade uranium mineralisation.
Zwane seeks to restrict granting of new prospecting, mining rights
Published: 19 Jul 17
Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane on Wednesday gazetted a proposal to restrict the granting of any new applications for prospecting or mining rights and the processing of applications for the renewal of prospecting or mining rights. The proposal is also aimed at restricting the transfer of mineral rights between companies.
State capture casts long shadow over Eskom’s results State capture casts long shadow over Eskom’s results Has Video
Published: 19 Jul 17
South Africa’s worst kept corporate secret was confirmed on Wednesday, when Eskom reported a sharp fall in after-tax profits to R888-million in 2017, from over R5-billion in the previous financial year. However, the results were overshadowed by serious allegations of corruption and maladministration at the utility, which has become the focal point of claims of State capture by a predatory elite.
Pallinghurst setting out to revitalise Gemfields as 100% owner Pallinghurst setting out to revitalise Gemfields as 100% owner
Published: 19 Jul 17
Owning 100% of Gemfields will allow diversified mining company Pallinghurst to revitalise the coloured gemstones mining and marketing entity and to unlock synergies, Pallinghurst CEO Arne Frandsen said on Wednesday, when the London Stock Exchange aspirant commenced its compulsory take up of the remaining 7.62 % minority shareholding. “This will in turn strengthen and improve Gemfields's operational and financial position,” Frandsen added in a release to Creamer Media’s Mining Weekly Online.
Ivanhoe appoints two more financiers to find funds for Platreef Ivanhoe appoints two more financiers to find funds for Platreef
Published: 19 Jul 17
Africa-focused platinum-group metals (PGM) miner Ivanhoe Mines has appointed mine-financing institutions KfW IPEX-Bank and the Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) to arrange project financing for the development of the Platreef project in South Africa’s Limpopo province. The German government-owned KfW IPEX-Bank and SEK will join Export Development Canada, Nedbank Limited – acting through its corporate and investment banking division – and Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, all appointed earlier this year, as initial mandated lead arrangers (IMLAs).
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