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World copper market shows 80 000 t surplus in first four months of 2017
Published: 21 Jul 17
The world refined copper balance for the first four months of 2017 indicates a surplus of about 80 000 t, the International Copper Study Group (ICSG) reported on Thursday. It ascribed the surplus mainly to a decline in Chinese apparent demand, a market that currently accounts for about 48% of the world copper refined usage.
Fast-growing Chinese aluminium sector attracts increased govt scrutiny Fast-growing Chinese aluminium sector attracts increased govt scrutiny
Published: 21 Jul 17
As the Chinese aluminium sector comes under greater pressure to moderate its capacity growth, the government is cracking down on so-called ‘illegal’ smelters, analysis by Wood Mackenzie global aluminium markets senior research analyst Ami Shivkar has found. Shivkar argues that unqualified smelters in Shandong province are likely to be targeted next. Such a move will have knock-on effects, she says, including a tighter market balance and a probable uptick in prices. Aluminium prices are now trading at $1 920/t, up 20% compared with the average price of $1604/t in 2016.
Hydropower – what the  industry needs now Hydropower – what the industry needs now
Published: 21 Jul 17
The contraction in the South African mining industry has resulted in many projects and expansions stalling in recent years, with mines having closed or scaled back on capital and operational expenditure.
Valves range to cater for smaller flow applications Valves range to cater for smaller flow applications
Published: 21 Jul 17
Hydraulic solutions supplier Turnkey Hydraulics will in the fourth quarter launch German control technologies manufacturer Bucher’s Hydraulic Design Series-24 (HDS-24) flow-sharing directional valves.
Aveng Mining gets health and safety thumbs up
Published: 21 Jul 17
Turnkey mining solutions provider Aveng Mining was awarded a safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) integrated management system (IMS) certification in May this year from multinational inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS. Aveng Mining initiated the development of the system in July 2015 and reached full development by the end of 2016. In August 2016, Aveng Mining implemented a gap audit to test the system on selected sites in preparation for certification. The fully fledged implementation of the system across the Aveng Mining business is due to take place in early 2018.
Metso clinches life cycle services contract renewal at  Swedish mine Metso clinches life cycle services contract renewal at Swedish mine
Published: 21 Jul 17
Base metals miner Lundin Mining’s Zinkgruvan zinc, lead, copper and silver mine in Askersund, Sweden has signed a new life cycle services (LCS) agreement with diversified engineering group Metso. The agreement covers mill lining and related services for five grinding mills and is valid for three years. Metso reports that a ‘cost per ton’ agreement ensures that both Zinkgruvan’s and its own goals are aligned for maximum production as well as safer operations, and is a result of the “unique and ...
Proper hose assemblies  improve hydraulic  safety and life span Proper hose assemblies improve hydraulic safety and life span
Published: 21 Jul 17
Technical solutions provider BMG urges that care be taken when selecting, installing and maintaining high-quality components in any hydraulic system because hose assemblies can be highly dangerous if misapplied and if inadequate attention is given to maintenance of the hose and related equipment.
Low-pressure  hydraulic valve  to offer adaptability Low-pressure hydraulic valve to offer adaptability
Published: 21 Jul 17
Valves manufacturer Hydromine Projects will take its latest in-development low pressure, pressure-reducing valve to market within the next two months, after ironing out the last issues during a recent trial period at a deep-level gold mine in Klerksdorp, in the North West. The design of the low-pressure valve is based on water systems manufacturer Hydrocore’s regular pattern valve for high-pressure applications, of which Hydromine is the original-equipment manufacturer. 
Chinese group increases stake in Moz graphite project
Published: 21 Jul 17
Chinese company Shandong Tianye Mining has invested a further $1.23-million into Australian junior Triton Minerals, buying shares (in a placement by Triton) at a price of $0.048 per share, Proactive Investors has reported. Shandong Tianye Mining was already the largest shareholder in the Australian company, which is developing graphite projects in Mozambique. (Shandong Tianye Mining is itself part of the larger, private sector, Shandong Tianye Group, established in 1999 and originally a real estate business, with real estate remaining a core focus; the mining operation was set up in 2007. The group is also active in the energy and micro-finance, as well as other, sectors.)
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