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Next Fortescue CEO to lead push beyond iron-ore cash machine
Published: 15 Sep 17
Nev Power’s successor as Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.’s top executive will be charged with leading the world’s fourth-largest iron ore exporter’s drive into new businesses. “We are going to look for and consider other opportunities, where other investors can join us,” chairperson and founder Andrew Forrest told reporters Friday on a conference call after announcing Power, 59, will step down on Febuary 16. “I don’t see ourselves as only a mining company, I see ourselves as a great management and operating company.”
Empire puts subsidiary into administration
Published: 15 Sep 17
ASX-listed Empire Oil & Gas has placed its subsidiary Empire Oil Company into voluntary administration, after ASX-listed Mineral Resources issued a notice of default under a A$15-million loan facility agreement. Mineral Resources this week said that it took the steps in order to protect its interest, following consideration of the ongoing interruption to production at the Red Gully 1 well, owned by the Empire subsidiary, as well as consultation with the board of Empire Oil & Gas.
McKinsey, KPMG targeted as South Africa graft scandal widens
Published: 15 Sep 17
After helping topple one of Britain’s best known public-relations companies, South African anti-corruption groups are now targeting US consultancy McKinsey & Co. and auditing firm KPMG for doing work for businesses tied to the Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma’s son. The Guptas, originally from India and including brothers Atul, Rajesh and Ajay, moved to South Africa in the 1990s and are being accused of using their friendship with the president to influence government contracts and cabinet appointments. They deny wrongdoing.
South African companies to seek mining opportunities in China
Published: 15 Sep 17
The minister of trade and industry, Rob Davies, said on Friday that China has agreed to support South Africa and Africa’s initiatives of industrialisation and mineral beneficiation as the country embarks on a drive to better exploit its mineral resources. Davies said in a statement that that South Africa has set out to achieve this by developing its manufacturing industry, and that China will have a significant role to play in this initiative.
Platinum body expects market to maintain balance this year Platinum body expects market to maintain balance this year
Published: 15 Sep 17
The platinum market is expected to remain in fundamental balance, albeit with a small 15 000 oz deficit for this year, the World Platinum Investment Council’s (WPIC’s) latest ‘Platinum Quarterly’ report shows. The report, published earlier this month, incorporates analysis of platinum supply and demand for the full year and the second quarter of 2017.
Lesotho’s Letšeng mine recovers several 100-ct-plus diamonds, expects trend to continue Lesotho’s Letšeng mine recovers several 100-ct-plus diamonds, expects trend to continue
Published: 15 Sep 17
The Letšeng diamond mine, in Lesotho, recovered several diamonds larger than 100 ct during the first half of 2017, with LSE-listed diamond miner Gem Diamonds upbeat that this trend will continue for the remainder of the year. These gems include the 114.38 ct Type II, the 126 ct D-colour Type IIa and the 104.73 ct white diamonds, as well as the 151.52 ct yellow diamond.
Fight for world's biggest gold mine isn't over – former CEO says
Published: 15 Sep 17
The landmark deal that forced Freeport-McMoRan to cede control of the world’s biggest gold mine and second-biggest copper mine to Indonesia may not be the final outcome as both sides prepare for a politically charged battle over the price of the asset and how it will be run, according to the US company’s former chief in Indonesia. Chappy Hakim, who once led the nation’s air force and who remains an adviser to Freeport Indonesia after his resignation as chief executive in February, said the political nature of the negotiations, which have been going on for years, make it unpredictable as to what both sides will finally agree.
Gold miners seek safety as political risks rise Gold miners seek safety as political risks rise
Published: 15 Sep 17
Canadian miner Eldorado Gold's threat this week to freeze investments in Greece after years of frustrating and costly permit delays highlighted the risks the industry faces when it strays away from mining-friendly countries. After moving into higher-risk countries in recent years to mine new deposits, companies are being forced to seek safe havens during a rise in so-called resource nationalism and other political headwinds.
Avalon intent to cash in on rapidly rising technology metal demand Avalon intent to cash in on rapidly rising technology metal demand
Published: 15 Sep 17
A whole new world for lithium demand has aspiring technology metals firm Avalon evaluating its options to cash in on the red-hot industry, with the company patiently advancing three projects in its portfolio that will benefit from higher metals prices. Just this week, new evidence was provided that the emerging age of the electric vehicle (EV) is approaching faster and at a far greater scale than even recent forecasts predicted, with German automaker Volkswagen announcing its investment of about €20-billion in the space, which could alone gobble up the entire supply of lithium today. China also dropped a bombshell this week when announcing tentative plans to ban internal combustion engines, which analysts expect will coincide with China’s commitment to an emissions cap by 2030.
Pumps offer suitable for minimal lubricity Pumps offer suitable for minimal lubricity
Published: 15 Sep 17
Engineering components supplier BMG’s SF series of Steimel lubricant and feed gear pumps, introduced four years ago, is used mainly on oil lubrication systems in mines, steel works, power stations and in general industry.
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