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Polyus launches $250m bond offering
Published: 19 Jan 18
Russian gold miner Polyus on Friday announced a $250-million offering of senior unsecured guaranteed convertible bonds, the proceeds of which it would use for debt refining and other general corporate purposes. The bonds, to be issued by Polyus Finance, are due in 2021.
Trans-Siberian posts record Q4 production
Published: 19 Jan 18
Russian gold miner Trans-Siberian has posted record fourth-quarter production and managed to slightly exceed its full-year guidance, despite operational challenges in the year. The Asacha gold mine, in Kamchatka in Far East Russia, produced a record 12 244 oz of gold in dore in the fourth quarter, bringing full year output to 36 714 oz.
NUM says branch leader at Lonmin unit shot dead
Published: 19 Jan 18
The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) said on Friday that its branch chairman at Eastern Platinum Mine, a unit of Lonmin, was shot by unknown assailants and subsequently died in hospital. The shooting is the latest in a spate of such incidents on the platinum belt, which has been the scene of an often violent turf war between NUM and its arch rival the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), underscoring the social risks of investing in South Africa's mining sector.
Nigeria lawmakers look into recovering $21bn revenues from oil groups
Published: 19 Jan 18
Nigerian lawmakers ordered an investigation on Thursday into whether the government could recover $21-billion in revenues from international oil companies. Oil minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu said in December the government had failed to enforce a legal provision entitling it to a greater share of crude sales once the price exceeded $20 a barrel.
Mincor raises A$10m in two raisings to fund nickel exploration
Published: 19 Jan 18
An oversubscribed A$3-million share purchase plan (SPP) has brought the total amount raised by ASX-listed Mincor Resources to A$10-million since December. The company on Friday announced that, of the A$12.8-million in applications received from shareholders, Mincor would accept A$1-million in oversubscriptions, bringing the total raising to A$4-million.
BCI reports positive progress on Mardie salt PFS
Published: 19 Jan 18
ASX-listed BCI Minerals’ significantly progressed prefeasibility study (PFS) has provided further validation on the viability of its Mardie salt project, in the Pilbara region, Western Australia. Over the past six months, BCI has completed material environmental, heritage and geotechnical activities, the results of which have informed the design and engineering work required to finalise the PFS by the second quarter of 2018.
Millennials snubbing diamonds has hedge fund seeing slump deepen Millennials snubbing diamonds has hedge fund seeing slump deepen
Published: 19 Jan 18
Diamonds are set to slump further, according to a hedge fund whose bet on marijuana made it the world’s best performer in 2016. Prices of the precious gem may slump as much as 10% this year as it loses appeal with younger consumers and faces challenges from synthetic alternatives, said Singapore-based Ben Cleary, who co-manages the $500-million Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund.
China's proposed dual-credit scheme can reshape the EV market – WoodMac
Published: 19 Jan 18
China's electric vehicles (EV) market has grown exponentially to overtake the US as the world's largest EV market, thanks to heavy government subsidies to spur growth in the emerging automotive sector. However, research and consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie (WoodMac) warns that these subsidies are scheduled to be phased out by 2020, prompting questions about the sustainability of growth momentum in EVs without the heavy subsidies from the government. WoodMac's ...
Barkerville Gold Mines fined C$200 000 for Fisheries Act abuses
Published: 19 Jan 18
Junior mine developer Barkerville Gold Mines has been fined C$200 000 by Environment and Climate Change Canada enforcement officers, after pleading guilty to violations under the Fisheries Act. Charges were brought in the Provincial Court of British Columbia and related to the metal mining effluent regulations.
RNC lifts Beta Hunt mine's Q4 output 21% y/y
Published: 19 Jan 18
Diversified Canadian miner RNC Minerals has reported a 21% year-on-year increase in fourth-quarter gold output from the Beta Hunt mine, in Western Australia, producing 12 722 oz of gold. The Toronto-headquartered company mined 160 000 t of ore at Beta Hunt, which had an average grade of 2.47 g/t gold during the fourth-quarter ended December.
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