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Prairie mulls international proceedings to resolve Poland dispute Prairie mulls international proceedings to resolve Poland dispute
Published: 13 Feb 19
The shares in junior coal developer Prairie Mining increased by nearly 24% on Wednesday, after the company confirmed potential international legal proceedings against the government of Poland. Prairie in December 2016, applied to the Ministry of Environment to amend the 50-year concession of its then newly-acquired Debiensko mine, to extend the stipulated time for first production from 2018 to 2025.
BHP approves $696m for Gulf of Mexico expansion BHP approves $696m for Gulf of Mexico expansion
Published: 13 Feb 19
Mining major BHP on Wednesday approved $696-million in funding to develop the Atlantis Phase 3 project, in the Gulf of Mexico, after project partner BP in January approved a $1.3-billion expansion of the project. The Atlantis Phase 3 development will include the construction of a new subsea production system from eight new wells that will be tied into the current platform, off the US coast.
Jemena wins licence for 40 TJ/d gas plant
Published: 13 Feb 19
The Queensland government has issued infrastructure provider Jemena a licence to start construction of a domestic-only gas processing plant. The plant is part of Jemena’s A$140-million Atlas gas pipeline project, which will create 150 jobs and connect Project Atlas to the Wallumbilla Gas Hub in south-west Queensland.
Alaska mine boosts Northern Star financials
Published: 13 Feb 19
Gold miner Northern Star has reported increased revenue and profit for the half-year ended December on the back of the acquisition of the Pogo gold mine, in Alaska. Revenue for the six months under review was reported at A$633.5-million, up 43% on the previous corresponding period, while underlying net profit after tax for the same period was up by 11%, to A$89.1-million.
Beach more than doubles H1 revenues
Published: 13 Feb 19
Oil and gas producer Beach Energy has reported a 147% increase in sales revenue for the first half of 2019, and a 199% increase in underlying net profits after tax. The ASX-listed company on Wednesday announced that sales revenue for the six months to December had reached A$955-million as production reached 15.2-million barrels of oil equivalent.
Noncash items brings down Evolution H1 profit
Published: 13 Feb 19
Gold miner Evolution Mining is expecting a stronger financial result in the second half of the 2019 financial year, after reporting a 26% fall in after-tax net profit during the six months to December. Evolution on Wednesday reported a net profit of A$91.1-million, compared with the A$122.5-million in the previous corresponding period, and an underlying net profit after tax of A$92.2-million, down from A$124.7-million in the first half of 2018.
Hochschild to suspend ops at Peru mine
Published: 13 Feb 19
London-listed Hochschild Mining said on Wednesday that it would suspend operations at its first mining operation, Arcata, and place the mine in care-and-maintenance in the second quarter. The company said that the low silver price had left it with no option, but to suspend operation.
NGOs push to expel Brazil miner Vale from UN pact over dam disaster
Published: 13 Feb 19
A group of international non-governmental organisations on Tuesday demanded that Brazilian miner Vale be excluded from the United Nations' corporate responsibility pact, after a mining dam burst that killed an estimated 300 people. A letter signed by more than 15 NGOs said that Vale failed to take proper safety measures at a tailings dam at its Corrego do Feijao iron-ore mine in Minas Gerais state. The dam ruptured on January 25, releasing a torrent of mud that buried workers and nearby communities.
DRDGold profit down, gold reserves up DRDGold profit down, gold reserves up
Published: 13 Feb 19
Surface gold mining company DRDGold on Wednesday reported a 54% fall in operating profit to R102.2-million in the six months to December 31, but a major jump in mineral reserves. Reserves shot up by 83% to six-million ounces of gold from a former 3.28-million ounces but gold production in the period was 3% lower at 2 280 kg, reflecting a 2% decline in overall throughput to 12 004 000 t and a slight decline in the overall average yield to 0.190 g/t.
Battle lines drawn as opposition parties contest Ramaphosa’s Eskom unbundling plan Battle lines drawn as opposition parties contest Ramaphosa’s Eskom unbundling plan
Published: 12 Feb 19
The future structure of South Africa’s debt-laden electricity producer Eskom emerged as the central topic during the debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s February 7 State of the Nation Address (SONA), in which he announced that the utility would be split, under Eskom Holdings, into three independent units of generation, transmission and distribution. The debate was held amid a return to confidence-sapping rotational power cuts and against a backdrop of growing trade-union opposition to Ramaphosa’s restructuring plan.
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