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Platinum 2017: A review of South Africa's platinum sector Platinum 2017: A review of South Africa's platinum sector Has PDF
Published: 26 May 17
Global platinum mine supply remains constrained, with South African producers facing the challenges of not only a low-price environment but also rising costs, regulatory uncertainties and safety stoppages. Creamer Media’s Platinum 2017 report provides a global overview of the platinum market and an outlook for the sector, with a particular focus on South Africa’s platinum-sector business environment. The report focuses on the main participants in South Africa’s platinum industry, other platinum producers, and exploration and development companies.
Gold 2017: A review of South Africa's gold sector Gold 2017: A review of South Africa's gold sector Has PDF
Published: 09 May 17
Despite sizeable gold reserves and high-grade orebodies, South Africa’s gold production has stagnated in recent years, with figures from the World Gold Council showing that the country’s gold production, which amounted to an estimated 167.10 t in 2016, remained virtually the same as the 167.20 t produced in 2015. This has positioned South Africa as the seventh-largest gold producer in the world, a position where some have speculated it is likely to remain. In this context, Creamer Media’s Gold 2017 report reviews the global gold market, with a particular focus on the South African gold sector, including issues, such as supply, labour, and electricity shortages, which are affecting the sector. It also reviews the major and smaller mining companies with operations in South Africa.
Projects in Progress 2017 (First Edition) Projects in Progress 2017 (First Edition) Has PDF
Published: 13 Apr 17
The South African economy remains subdued and the domestic project economy strongly reflects this feeble status. Although the National Treasury is forecasting public-sector infrastructure spending of R947.2-billion over the coming three years, the figure includes a number of megaprojects being built by State-owned companies (SoCs), which are well under way. The SoC’s are projected to invest R432.8-billion over the period and remain a major part of this public-infrastructure story. However, their balance sheets are generally stretched, which has resulted in some entities leaning more heavily than initially expected on their government guarantees. The upshot is that, until these entities stabilise or growth returns, there is little likelihood that they will be in a position to initiate major new projects. The list of major public-sector projects in the planning phase, as published in the Budget Review, also does not suggest an immediate turnaround. In the private sector, meanwhile, the overall weak economic climate is undermining business confidence, which is also being weighed down by policy and political uncertainty. Consequently, private fixed investment remains under pressure. However, the recovery in commodity prices could help stimulate some fresh activity, albeit mostly brownfield in nature. What is certain, is that a material recovery in business confidence will be required if private-sector investment is to return in earnest. Nevertheless, the first edition of the Projects in Progress for this year still includes valuable updates on some of South Africa’s largest infrastructure projects, as well as ongoing investments in the gold, coal and platinum sectors.
Iron-Ore 2017: A review of the iron-ore sector Iron-Ore 2017: A review of the iron-ore sector Has PDF
Published: 10 Apr 17
The iron-ore price astounded analysts in 2016 by recovering from a 2015 average of $55.30/t to end the year at more than $80/t. While the rally continued into 2017 – with the price exceeding $90/t in February, the highest since August 2014 – many market watchers are not convinced that the current level is sustainable and expect a pullback before the end of the year. Creamer Media’s Iron-Ore 2017 Report provides an overview of the global iron-ore market over the past year, with particular emphasis on supply and demand, trade and pricing. It provides not only information on the major global iron-ore producing companies and other significant producers, but also an overview of South Africa’s iron-ore market and its major producers.
Steel 2017: A review of South Africa's steel sector Steel 2017: A review of South Africa's steel sector Has PDF
Published: 08 Feb 17
While 2015 was considered an annus horribilis for the global steel industry, with the price of the alloy falling to its lowest level since 2004 and consequently causing several steel producers to cut capacity or simply close shop, there was a slight recovery in 2016 and the industry seems to be on the mend going into 2017. Still, the problem of supply exceeding demand is expected to persist. Creamer Media’s Steel 2017 Report examines South Africa’s steel industry over the past 12 months. The report provides insight into the global steel market and particularly into South Africa’s steel sector, and covers production and consumption, main producers and a brief overview of the global and local stainless steel market.
Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2016 (Second Edition) Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2016 (Second Edition) Has PDF
Published: 15 Dec 16
While the African continent remains “a treasure trove” of metals and minerals, with some of the last unexplored mineral tenements on earth, investment is needed in new exploration projects to ensure the long-term sustainability of its mining sectors. Further, Deloitte Emerging Markets & Africa MD Dr Martyn Davies said in November 2016 during a webcast precursor to the 2017 edition of the Investing in African Mining Indaba: “Bold, progressively minded leadership is what is . . . required for Africa to unlock its full potential in the mineral resources sphere.” Given this setting, the second edition of Creamer Media’s Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2016 showcases some of the many mining projects across the continent that are progressing, despite the sector facing many challenges, including the difficulty of raising capital, as well as socioeconomic and regulatory challenges.
Coal 2016: A review of South Africa's coal sector Coal 2016: A review of South Africa's coal sector Has PDF
Published: 14 Dec 16
Countries worldwide are striving to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions to mitigate against climate change by investing in cleaner energy sources, including renewable energy, gas and nuclear. This is likely to impact, to some extent, on global coal consumption in the decades to come. Despite expected lower global demand growth, however, coal remains the top fuel for electricity generation, steel production and cement production, and is expected to remain a significant contributor to meeting the world’s energy needs. This is particularly true of South Africa, which is expanding its coal-fired power generation capacity. State-owned power utility Eskom is still adding capacity through its new-build Kusile and Medupi power plants, while a third new large coal-fired power station – Coal 3 – has been under consideration for years. The country’s Department of Energy also announced the first preferred bidders under its Coal Baseload Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme this year, which is expected to eventually contribute 2 500 MW to South Africa’s coal-fired power generation. Creamer Media’s Coal 2016 report examines South Africa’s coal industry with regard to the business environment, key participants in the sector, local demand, export sales and coal logistics, projects being undertaken by the large and smaller participants in the market, as well as various issues affecting the sector, such as industrial action and environmental considerations, among other topics.
Base Metals 2016: A review of Africa's base metals sector Base Metals 2016: A review of Africa's base metals sector Has PDF
Published: 02 Nov 16
Given expectations of a recovery in demand in China – a major producer and consumer of base metals – many commentators seem to agree that base metals prices have now bottomed, with investor services and ratings agency Moody’s stating in August 2016 that it had revised its outlook for the global base metals industry from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’. Creamer Media’s Base Metals 2016 report examines the global base metals market, with a particular focus on supply and demand; the production of copper, zinc, nickel and lead in the African market, and on selected base metals operations and projects in Africa.
Diamonds 2016: A review of South Africa's diamond sector Diamonds 2016: A review of South Africa's diamond sector Has PDF
Published: 26 Oct 16
Although the first half of 2016 has signaled more stability in the diamond market after a turbulent 2015, volatility has become the near normal and the industry maintains a cautious outlook in the near term as significant global economic uncertainty remains. Ratings agency Moody’s believes that diamond miners will be under pressure until the end of 2016 or mid-2017, owing to a temporary supply and demand mismatch, which has resulted in lower rough diamond prices. Although, it notes that production cutbacks should help to rebalance the market. In the long term, however, a lack of new diamond discoveries and high depletion rates for existing mines should prevent a supply glut. Creamer Media’s Diamond 2016 report provides an overview of the world diamond market, which includes a look at rough diamond production, supply and demand, imports and exports, and synthetic diamonds. The report emphasises diamond mining activities in South Africa over the past 12 months, and provides information on the country’s major and midtier diamond producers, junior diamond mining companies, explorers and developers.
Projects in Progress 2016 (Second Edition) Projects in Progress 2016 (Second Edition) Has PDF
Published: 30 Sep 16
Notwithstanding the feeble global economic condition, there is little doubt that internal dynamics, especially in the political environment, have emerged as the main constraint to growth in South Africa. These domestic pressures are weighing on confidence and, in turn, on levels of fixed investment. Those companies most exposed to the South African project economy are struggling to sustain order books, while margins have come under pressure. There has also been a concerted effort by a number of engineering contractors, in particular, to seek work elsewhere as South Africa’s project pipeline fails to live up to its earlier promise. These fragilities are apparent in this Project in Progress supplement, where very few brand new projects are featured. Nevertheless, there are still a number of developments under way across a broad range of resources and industrial subsectors. There is, however, little question that South Africa’s fixed-investment environment is nowhere near as lively as it could be in light of the country’s resources potential.
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