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Energy Roundup – June 2016 Energy Roundup – June 2016 Has PDF
Published: 08 Jun 16
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa in the past month. The June 2016 roundup covers activities across South Africa for May 2016 and includes details of Russia’s State nuclear agency’s plans to sign cooperation agreements with Kenya, Uganda and Zambia to lay the groundwork for an expanded presence in sub-Saharan Africa; the Department of Energy’s plans to canvass the appetite of independent power producers to develop, finance, construct and operate three new solar parks, in the Northern Cape, in partnership with State-owned companies; and the procurement processes for the gas-to-power programme and associated gas infrastructure.
Platinum 2016: A review of South Africa's platinum sector Platinum 2016: A review of South Africa's platinum sector Has PDF
Published: 02 Jun 16
Lower supply of and higher demand for platinum are expected to lead to a 455 000 oz deficit in 2016, compared with the 135 000 oz deficit previously forecast, according to the World Platinum Investment Council’s latest ‘Platinum Quarterly’ report for the first quarter of this year. Global platinum supply is forecast to decrease by 1% to 7.8-million ounces this year, from 7.9-million ounces in 2015, while global demand for platinum is expected to increase “marginally” to 8.25-million ounces this year, from 8.22-million ounces in 2015. Creamer Media’s Platinum 2016 report provides a global overview of the platinum market and an outlook for the sector, with a particular focus on South Africa’s platinum-sector business environment. The report focuses on the main participants in South Africa’s platinum industry, other platinum producers, and exploration and development companies.
Gold 2016: A review of South Africa's gold sector Gold 2016: A review of South Africa's gold sector Has PDF
Published: 22 Apr 16
The rate of growth in global gold mine production has been slowing and mine supply is expected to record its first yearly decrease since 2008 in 2016. The lower mine supply is likely to continue for several years, owing to a thinning global project pipeline, with most projects in the pipeline for 2016/17 being small or medium-sized projects. South African gold miners have, meanwhile, benefited from a strengthening rand gold price, but production is expected to continue declining, as a result of the depth of the country’s gold mines and declining grades. Gold mining companies are also faced with rising input costs, particularly higher electricity costs, and the impact of industrial action by employees. In this context, Creamer Media’s Gold 2016 report reviews the global gold market, with a particular focus on the South African gold sector, including issues such as supply, labour, and electricity shortages, as well as major and smaller mining companies with operations in South Africa.
Iron-Ore 2016: A review of the iron-ore sector Iron-Ore 2016: A review of the iron-ore sector Has PDF
Published: 14 Apr 16
The slowest pace of economic expansion in China in 25 years has dragged the price of iron-ore down. The world’s second-largest economy is expanding at a more modest rate than expected, slowing what seemed to be an unstoppable demand for the mineral at one stage. In the low price environment, only the largest- and lowest-cost producers are surviving, with iron-ore mines in China, Canada and South Africa buckling under the pressure. High-cost producers are curtailing investment, scaling back operations, cutting costs and reducing jobs to remain viable. Meanwhile, iron-ore production, notably from major low-cost suppliers in Australia and Brazil, continues to expand. This supply growth has outpaced demand growth, creating a supply glut. Thus, the year ahead is likely to be another challenging one for iron-ore producers, with supply growth expected to continue to outpace demand growth in the near term, keeping prices subdued. Also, no major stimulus is expected from the Chinese government to boost investment. Creamer Media’s Iron-Ore 2016 report provides an overview of the global iron-ore market, with particular reference to supply, demand, trade and pricing. It provides not only information on the major global iron-ore producing companies and other significant producers but also an overview of South Africa’s iron-ore market and its major producers.
Steel 2016: A review of South Africa's steel sector Steel 2016: A review of South Africa's steel sector Has PDF
Published: 01 Mar 16
There appears to be agreement among many commentators that 2016 will be another tough year for the steelmaking industry, with demand for the alloy poised to decline further as growth in the world’s major economies, including China, continues to slow and Chinese exports continue to penetrate foreign markets, dragging prices down. Locally, steel construction industry representative organisation the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction CEO Paolo Trinchero predicts that the steel construction industry will survive 2016, owing to several years of resilience and persistence by local steel fabrication companies through challenging times. He add, however, that large-scale stimulation is needed to grow the South African steel industry and market, as the industry has recently been fulfilling only small orders for various projects as a means of simply obtaining work and surviving. Creamer Media’s Steel 2016 Report examines South Africa’s steel industry over the past 12 months. The report provides insight into the global steel market and and particularly into South South Africa’s steel sector, including production and consumption, main producers and a brief overview of the stainless steel market.
Uranium 2015: A review of the uranium mining industry in Africa Uranium 2015: A review of the uranium mining industry in Africa Has PDF
Published: 07 Dec 15
Creamer Media’s Uranium 2015 report examines the global uranium market in the context of demand, supply, pricing and market outlook, with a particular focus on the African uranium market, and the mines, projects and exploration that are under way on the continent.
African Mining Roundup – December 2015 African Mining Roundup – December 2015 Has PDF
Published: 03 Dec 15
The African Mining Roundup is a synopsis of mining activity on the continent. The December 2015 roundup covers activities that happened in November in more than 20 countries. It includes about 100 separate news items in an easy-to-read, disaggregated format. This month’s report includes details of an optimisation study on Bannerman Resources’ Etango uranium project, in Namibia; the start of construction at Vancouver-based B2Gold’s Fekola mine site, in Mali, where the company is building a 350 000 oz/y gold mine; and details of diamond miner Lucapa Diamonds’ sale of its seventh parcel of diamonds from the Lulo project, in Angola.
African Mining Projects in Progress 2015 (Second Edition) African Mining Projects in Progress 2015 (Second Edition) Has PDF
Published: 27 Nov 15
Africa hosts the world’s largest mineral reserves of platinum, gold, diamonds, chromite, manganese and vanadium. It also produces about 17% of the world’s uranium. The continent’s growth in the past has mostly been propelled by exaggeratedly high prices for these commodities, driven by Chinese demand for natural resources. “The commodities boom was a period of significant investment and growth, as mining companies focused on output at any cost to take advantage of the high commodity-price environment. However, the higher prices concealed the impact of falling productivity in the mining sector,” multinational services firm EY mining and metals sector leader Wickus Botha states. The recent economic slump in the commodities market has resulted in restricted growth, not only in Africa but also worldwide, with mines now consolidating their existing assets rather than expanding operations, he adds. In addition to plummeting commodity prices, rapid political and economic changes in many African States have made it increasingly difficult for many of them to attract miners, explorers and the prospective financiers that help drive their economies. Creamer Media’s second edition of its African Mining Projects in Progress 2015 report tracks project developments taking place across various mining sectors on the continent, including coal, copper, gold, iron-ore, platinum and uranium.
African Mining Roundup – November 2015 African Mining Roundup – November 2015 Has PDF
Published: 06 Nov 15
The African Mining Roundup is a synopsis of mining activity on the continent. The November 2015 roundup covers activities that happened in October in more than 20 countries. It includes about 100 separate news items in an easy-to-read, disaggregated format. This month’s report includes details of ASX-listed junior Mustang Resources' agreement with private Australian miner Montepuez Minerals to acquire an 80% stake in the unlisted company, giving Mustang access to three highly prospective ruby licences in Mozambique; Tanzania-focused graphite developer Kibaran Resources' mandate letter with German bank KfW IPEX to explore financing options for the construction of the $77-million Epanko project; and Intrepid Mines’ 35% decline in estimated capital costs at its Kitumba copper project, in Zambia, following an update to its prefeasibility study.
Australasian Mining Roundup – November 2015 Australasian Mining Roundup – November 2015 Has PDF
Published: 06 Nov 15
Creamer Media's Australasian Mining Roundup is a business and information tool for decision-makers in the mining industry. This monthly report provides a synopsis of mining activity in Australasia during the past month. The roundup presents the information in an easy-to-read disaggregated format, covering exploration and feasibility studies, projects, operations, corporate activity, general trends in the sector and details of Australasian companies operating in other countries. The November 2015 roundup, covering events in October, includes details of ASX-listed Blackham Resources’ prefeasibility study on its Matilda gold mine, in Western Australia; Canadian company Cameco’s decision to not bring its Australian uranium projects into production until prices improve; and the New South Wales Planning Assessment Commission’s approval of the proposed Terminal 4 project, at Port Waratah.
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